Wonder Park (DVD)


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Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Number of disc

DVD (1 disc)

Running Time

Approx. 86 mins

English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai

Subtitles :
English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai

Synopsis :
Buckle up for an EPIC ADVENTURE where anything is possible! A young girl named June with a big imagination makes an incredible discovery – the amusement park of her dreams has come to life. Filled with the world’s wildest rides operated by FUN-LOVING ANIMALS, the EXCITEMENT NEVER ENDS. But when trouble hits, June and her misfit team of furry friends begin an unforgettable journey to save the park. Action-packed and brimming with laughs, Wonder Park is A RIDE THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE.

Special Features :
Gus Yodeling – Deleted Scene
The Wonder Chimp Channel
The PI Song Sing – Along (English only)
Boardwalk Caricatures: Drawing Boomer

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