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Studio / Label: WARNER BROS

Rating: R

Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction

Directed By: Darin Scott

Written By: Hans Rodionoff, Erik Patterson, Michael Beach

Runtime: 72 minutes

Actor(s): Danielle Savre,Michael Beach,Rob Mayes,Lily Spangenberg,Darron Meyer,Nathan Lynn,Kim Syster,Gino Lee,Jeremy Boado

Parents Guide: View content advisory


Dr. Misty Calhoun, an expert on sharks and conservationist, receives a request to provide consultation on a secret project developed by the genius, pharmaceutical tycoon Carl Durant. Durant's company has developed intelligence enhancers that genetically alter the structures of an animal's brain to heighten intelligence and learning abilities. With his current project, he has tested the enhancers on bull sharks to see if they can be trained to stop attacking humans in the water. Durant eventually hopes to find a way to use the enhancers to improve humans. Not long after Calhoun arrives on site at Durant's underwater research lab, the sharks begin to exhibit strange behavior. Instead of accidentally killing humans, these smarter, stronger and deadlier predators attack humans and the facility with intelligent purpose.